France, 240cm x 250cm / 94,5 in x 98,4 in
Pink Heart, 125cm x 120cm / 49,2 in x 47,2 in


Greenery, 125cm x 62cm / 49,2 in x 23 in
 Madagascar, 85 cm x 150 cm / 33 in x 59 in
 Greenery,2020,60 cm x 75 cm,NATURAL-WOOL
Greenery, 65cm x 62cm / 25,5 in x 23 in

 Moon, 150cm x 150cm, 59 in x 59 in

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After studying at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts of Lyon, France, Olivia Babel made a specialization in Fiber Art at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-arts of Angers, France.
  Specialized in fiber art, she is interested about concepts of territory and cartography.
 Olivia Babel represents territories in all them forms in order to question our relation to environment. She wants to show cartography in an other way.
  She is french and has differents origins around the world (Europe, Africa, Asia, South America…). Because of that, she shows her vision of the world fed by her origins, travels and cultures.
  To create her artworks, Olivia Babel uses traditional french savoir-faire and wants to highlight handmade work. All her pieces are created in Lyon, France.


Group Exhibition – Habtoor Palace,

Dubai, UAE (March 2022)

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art – Spring Art Pop up,

Malmö, Sweden (March-April-May-June 2022)

Exhibition – Etihad Modern Gallery,

Abu Dhabi, UAE (September-October 2022)

Past exhibitions

Exhibition of Textile Art

Gallery Atelier 21, Lyon, France (May 2019)

Bienal International de arte textil – Contextile,

Guimaraes, Portugal (September 2018)

Biennale Objet Textile – Musée du textile,

Roubaix, France (May 2018)

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